California foot and leg guards

I finally got around to making a set of these plexiglass panels to keep the rain and cold off of my feet and legs in the winter. After a couple of 30 some degree rainy days, I can say that they work great. And using them in warmer temperatures causes no engine heat problems.


I've provided three files. One is a CAD DXF file, the other is a windows metafile (WMF), and the last is a PDF. The drawing has a dimension on it that you want to print in the correct scale. 

As you can see, I simply used rubber coated clamps with a bolt through them. I put steel and rubber washers on it. The plastic is 1/4 inch thick. Just make them easy to remove for the summer. I suspect three to four wire ties located correctly would work great also.

I even cooked them in a vat of black dye to give the plastic a slight tint. They don't look to bad, but I suspect the next batch of beer I cook in that vat will have a darker color.


Right click here to save the DXF file format

Right click here to save the WMF file format 

Right click here to save the PDF file format

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Last update 12/14/04