Hog Mountain weather

Hog Mountain webcamThe Weather Underground links here:

I have been running a homemade weather station for over 30 years. I was using complex software, running 24/7 on an old desktop PC, to create and host the web page. I have upgraded to newer equipment, that automatically uploads my personal weather data to Weather Underground. You can click the image or link below, or search Weather Underground for the location KGADACUL1, to get my Hog Mountain weather. This site is running on a cheap low wattage Raspberry PI.

Weather Underground PWS KGADACUL1


 Or click HERE for a link to the Weather Underground data.


 Trip Reports and suchMe on my California 1100 Moto Guzzi

Occasionally I will create a trip report for one of the trips I have taken. This link goes to the site where those are stored:

Click HERE for a link to the various trip reports.

Note that these are often rough notes, some simply entered in on a phone while on the road. Not a lot of proofreading was done.


Hog Mountain garage cam


I have put together these pages to let people access some of my schematics and software applications, the majority are for motorcycles. I hope you find it useful.


  I have built a limited number of electronic items that are for sale here 

Build STUFF:

Info on Dielectric grease for connectors.

Click here for some Schematics and Software Utilities

Go here for info on modifying a Moto Guzzi sidestand interlock

Link to info on my California foot and leg protectors.

Other STUFF:

Click here for info on adding self charging to a StreetPilot III GPS

Click here for info on our annual Olde Phartz Ride

My Guzzi at Deals Gap







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