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I have been running a homemade weather station for over 30 years. For about 20 years I was using custom software, running 24/7 on an old desktop PC. The PC would communicate with the weather station, store the data, then create and host a web page. All of the wiring was literally a lightning rod. It had been destroyed by lightning twice.

I have upgraded to newer wireless equipment, an Ambient Weather WS-2000. A cheap low wattage Raspberry PI hosts this page and operates the web cams. The new equipment automatically uploads my personal weather data to Ambient Weather and Weather Underground.

You can click one of these links to get my Hog Mountain weather data. Click HERE for my Ambient Weather hosted data. Click HERE for my Weather Underground hosted data.

Above is my current weather data. To the right is a forecast from forecast7.com. The weather radar to the right is from Weather Underground.

Below is a webcam image of Hog Mountain. On the right is a webcam image of the Guzzi Garage. I occasionally work on friends bikes there, and they can keep an eye on me if the need to. :)

Hog Mountain webcam Hog Mountain garage cam

Solar charging data:

This is todays voltage data from a small system that I built. It uses a PWM charge controller that I designed based on a mini Arduino.

Last measured Hours low/high Days low Days high

Trip Reports:Me on my California 1100 Moto Guzzi

Occasionally, I will create a trip report for one of my trips that I have taken. Click HERE for a link to the various trip reports.

Note that these are often rough notes, some simply entered in on a phone while on the road. Not a lot of proofreading was done.

Other stuff:

I have put together these pages to let people access some of my schematics and software applications, the majority are for motorcycles. I hope you find it useful.


Build STUFF:

Other STUFF:

My Guzzi at Deals Gap


Last update 11/14/2023