Wayne's STUFF page.

I have put together these pages to let people access some of my schematics and software applications, the majority are for motorcycles. I hope you find it useful.


  I have built a limited number of electronic items that are for sale here 

Me on my California 1100 Moto Guzzi

Build STUFF:

Click here for some Schematics and Software Utilities

Click here for info on adding self charging to a StreetPilot III GPS

Go here for info on modifying a Moto Guzzi sidestand interlock

Link to info on my California foot and leg protectors.

Info on Dielectric grease for connectors.

Weather STUFF:

Hog Mountain weather

Other STUFF:

Click here for info on our annual Olde Phartz Ride

My Guzzi at Deals Gap

Click for Dacula, Georgia Forecast



Last update 03/29/15